Esrever (Bag)

by Kate Chiu Tsz Ying, Samantha Ho Yan Hei - BA(Hons) in Design (Industrial & Product) Yr 2  11/12     

Official Page of Esrever: here
Customize your Bag

Bag don't carry things, but carry one's image.
We reverse the concept, invert the usage.
Out is IN.

Size: Fits 13" Macbook / A4 / iPad

Project Details - SDWorks Production


Subject: Design Direct
Tutors: Roger Ball / Ernesto Spicciolato

Co-developed and produced by: BIC World
Special thanks to Eric Bath & Iris Chan.

Esrever is about Reverse.
Let the bag to carry out your style OR mix it within your outfit.

Get Hi-Res images for print here : Link