Living Pixels

by Kay Chan Wan Ki, Match Chen Siu Wa, Catherine Suen Ka Hei  - BA(Hons) in Design (Industrial & Product) Yr 3  09/10  


Fat - 40 x 35 x 30 cm
Slim - 26 x 26 x 43 cm

Stand - 22 x 18 x 63 / 33 cm (adjustable)

Taking recycled advertising banners as the project's starting point; the designers gave a unique three-dimensionality to the material by cutting it into small pieces and combining them together to create interesting volumes of light and texture.


Subject: Sustainable Design
Tutors: Benny Leong / Philine Bracht

Material sponsored by:

Low energy light bulb sponsored by:

Sewing production from:

The designers focused their efforts by creating each light shade individually and specifically for each stand, selecting the right banners, sorting out matching colors and sewing each patch by hand to build the perfect irregular shape.

As the banner are printed in on side only, the lamps appear to be white and pale when switched off, but the plain appearance radically changes once the lamps are lighted on and the colors emerge from the inside.

Due to the properties of the material, the light is smoothly diffused through the fabric creating a balloon of multi-colored light, but at the same time, the small banner swatches sewed together create a surface filled with holes from where the light escapes and scatters the surrounding environment with a vivid luminous pattern.


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