Mirror Watch

by  Cheuk Kee Lai - BA(Hons) in Design (Industrial & Product) Yr 3  08/09           


The mirrored surface reveals a LED digital watch only when needed, for the rest of the time, the watch becomes an elegant reflective fashion accessory. The body is stainless steel and comes with genuine leather strap.

Color/Finishing: Black, Gold, Brushed, Copper
Dimension: 35x40x10mm
Remarks:  3ATM waterproof

Subject: Fashion Accessories

With the proliferation of mobile phones and the ubiquity of computer screens, there's no functional need to wear a watch because time is constantly at sight.
Facing this challenge, Mirror Watch's strategy was to generate customer's interest for product that is falling out of usage.
Mirror Watch's design focuses on a dual functionality, transforming the watch into a stylish useful mirror when not in use. Based on modularity, the Mirror Watch is the first series of a collection of watches that will share the same LED digital module.




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