by Ng Kam Sheung - BA(Hons) in Design (Industrial & Product) Yr 2  10/11           

Rescue China Bear Shopper Bag
Featuring a 3-dimensional standing out China Bear, a shoulder chain/ handle with a circular buckle, and a zipper interior pocket. 
Design Issue : Tearful mother bear killed her own kid and then committed suicide because she did no want her son to be abused as her.

Jasmine Revolution Shopper Bag
Featuring a plentiful jasmines standing outward under the woven layer, a shoulder chain/ handle made of string of small metal sphere, and a zipped interior pocket with chocolate leather tag.
Design Issue : Democracy movement is happening in many districts around the globe which Mission is - End the dictatorship, Bring democracy. 

Polar Bear In Danger (EI Nino) Shopper Bag
Featuring creamy white fur, a shoulder strap made of genuine leather with bronze metal ware, and a zipper pocket.
Design Issue : Polar bears as the symbol of the tragedy of change weather climate. With more prosperous global development, our earth is getting deteriorated.

It is a brand makes importance of conservation and global linkage, mixing up current issues and fashion. In our desire to raise the awareness of certain obscure issues happening around world, features of those issues will be made use as elements of our design bags.

Subject: Design Direct

Whenever you take the bag, you are wearing what you care and revealing the affair to the world. Hopefully these tiny doings help contributing something big related party are able to be told to take action. It aims at allowing the justice speaks. 

The1Cent produce stylish & issued fashion accessories which provide you ways to make noise to the society. "Quality", "Insight", "Justice" have been the words which we live.





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